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Content is mostly outdated and page is not updated anymore.
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about this webpage

Due to geneological circumstances a career as a railway-enthusiast was already preditable in my early years.

Work on this webpage started in 1998 as one of my first projects on the internet. Supported by an huge amount of people its contents grew and a constant level of visitors was reached. Thanks for all the contributions!
Unfortunately due to lacking time additional information is added very rarely, but we try to keep the maps up-to-date at least.

In my postgraduate employment at the Institute of Transport Science (VIA) I'm dealing with railway's operations research, mainly working on timetable robustness and delay propagation. Additionally we offer consulting by VIA Consulting & Development — feel free to ask ;-)

During my studies of civil engineering I enjoyed several work experiences at the Swiss consultants SMA und Partner AG, the infrastructure division of BLS Lötschbergbahn AG and finally DB Fernverkehr AG.

 Thanks go out to...
tons of useful information: Alan Reekie (Brussels/BEL)
translation of "Aachen HBf": Clive Woodward (Applecross/AUS)
comparison of voltage systems: Jean-François Bourdin (FRA)
information and updates: Georg Ringler (Dorfen/GER)
all these splendid maps: Boris Chomenko (Chantes/FRA)
cooperation and pictures: Stefan von der Ruhren (Aachen/GER)
John Bjerregaard (Odense/DK)
and many more...

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