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international haulage

To supply the steelworks 'Hoogovens' at Beverwijk (north of Haarlem) and at Veendem (next to Groningen) several lime block-trains run from Hermalle (next to Huy) and Marché-les-Dames (next to Namur) via Liège and Maastricht to the Netherlands daily.
In summer 2004 these trains are (still) hauled by a Belgium - Dutch traction between freight-yard Kinkempois and Sittard to face the grade between Maastricht and Sittard. The haulage consits of an Railion NL diesel class 6500 and a SNCB dual-system loco class 25.5. In Sittard traction is changed to dutch electric locos, in southbound direction a single class 25.5 manages the haulage alone.
In may 2005 test-runs with up to three Belgium diesels of class 77 have been run to Sittard.
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international haulage
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