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Description of several European border stations

A variety of operational solutions can be found at the meeting points of different railways networks. Some examples of border stations all over Europe are presented in this section.

featured border stations
Aachen HBf (Germany - Belgium)
Emmerich (Germany - Netherlands)

Venlo (Netherlands - Germany)

Quévy (Belgium - France)

Dobova (Croatia - Slovenia)

Domodossola (Switzerland - Italy)
Basel region (GER/ CH/ FR)

Hendaye - Irún (France - Spain)
Latour de Carol (France - Spain)
Cerbère - Port Bou (France - Spain)

Modane (France - Italy)

Padborg (Denmark - Germany)

Plavec & Lupkow (Poland - Slovakia)

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 Aachen HBf




 Basel region

 Hendaye - Irún
 Latour de Carol
 Cerbère - Port Bou



 Plavec & Lupkow
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