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Domodossola (Switzerland - Italy)

Just looking at your website I thought I would fill in the gap in your information about Domodossola. When I was there in July last year I saw the following types:

SBB/CFF stock FS stock
BLS Re465
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Der Bahnhof Domodossola

Swiss freights usually pass on the far right which is electrified at Swiss voltage, as that line leads down to the large yard just below Domodossola. Usually three locomotives, one banking and two pulling. Freights are usually hauled by classes Re465 and Re6/6.
Passenger trains are hauled by all classes mentioned except Re6/6.
E444 041 in Domodossola

E445 1145 in Domodossola E.646 work double-decker / regional stock trains usually stopping at every station. D.445 are used on passenger trains. D.345 are used on freights. E.444R/E.656 are used on the faster express trains. 245.2000 obviously shunt the yard and move locomotives. I'm not too sure how the E.633 had got to Domodossola, possibly it was doing a regional train. Although I didn't see a Cisalpino, they are most likely to use this route.
text and pictures by John Mulrine

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