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Plavec (Slovakia - Poland) and
Lupkow (Poland - Slovakia)

Apart from the main lines two further international lines offer international passenger connections between Poland and Slovakia: Muszyna - Plavec and Lupkow - Medzilaborce.

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Change of locos at Plavec
ZSR 752 048-9 and PKP EU07 483 have reached Plavec.
©2003 Herbert Vogt
Short train
PKP EU07 465 ready to depart from Plavec to Krynica.
©2003 Herbert Vogt
PKP DMU at Plavec
PKP class EN57 has arrived from Krynica.
©2003 Herbert Vogt

Connection to Poprad Tatry
ZSR class 850 waiting for
departure to Poprad Tatry...
©2003 Herbert Vogt
On the lower level
...and ZSR class 810 at Poprad Tatry.
©2003 Herbert Vogt
Beside the national connections to Poprad Tary and Lipnay (- Presov) also eight international passenger trains are worked between Plavec (Slovakia) and Muszyna (Poland) per day: two pairs Kosice - Cracow Glowny, one pair Plavec - Krynica and night-trains Budapest - Cracow.
Both networks are electrified at 3 kV DC, but due to different signalling systems locos are changed at Presov.
Slovakian crocodile
Local train towards Presov
hauled by ZSR class 110.
©2003 Herbert Vogt
Polish counterpart Muszyna
Fast train Krynica - Wroclaw
changes direction at Muszyna.
©2003 Herbert Vogt

In contrast to Plavec - Muszyna the line between Lupkow (Poland) and Medzilaborce (Slovakia) lacks of catenary. International trains from Sanok (Poland) to Humenne and to Kosice pass the border stations surrounded by deep woods.

Green meadows
ZSR class 750 at Lupkow.
©2003 Herbert Vogt
Green woods
PKP class SP32 attached to train towards Sanok.
©2003 Herbert Vogt
'spectacled cobras' at Humenne
ZSR locos with national trains at Humenne.
©2003 Herbert Vogt

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